Aside from running our normal club sessions each week, we also offer personal One to One sessions focussed entirely on your ambitions.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to improve, a seasoned pro who wishes to progress through the rankings or a senior who just wishes to keep fit, our tailored one to one programmes ensure that you gain the full benefit of your hour long session.

Allison has played at the very highest level internationally, and therefore has a sound knowledge in all aspects of the game, from technique and tactics right through to footwork and endurance.

Players who have undergone one to one sessions regularly have thrived, with many going on to play for their country, or achieve high national rankings in their respective age group.

For those who wish to just keep fit, our hour long sessions are focussed entirely on you with tailored routines that will make you sweat!


Cost for an hour long One to One session is 25 per hour, which is inclusive of court hire and shuttles

So why not try one for yourself? Take a look at our testimonials below and see how Allison has helped players fulfill their ambitions....

Josh has been having one to ones with Allison for 6 years and she has helped him to improve all aspects of his game. Areas she has covered with him include shot making, racket technique, court movement, tactical awareness, mental preparation and fitness. Allison's passion for the game reflects in her coaching and is infectious. Every session (and I do mean every session) is run with energy and enthusiasm and she is constantly introducing Josh to the latest innovations in training from around the world. It is no coincidence that during this time he has regularly featured in the top 10 of the Badminton England Boys Singles National Rankings and he has won a number of Badminton England Tournaments. This is the one session of the week that Josh never needs any persuading to attend!

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